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About Digital Art / Hobbyist ArRoW-4-UMale/Germany Groups :iconcreative-walls: CreativE-WaLLs
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Lumberjack Logan by ArRoW-4-U Lumberjack Logan :iconarrow-4-u:ArRoW-4-U 17 7 Windows Glowpaper by ArRoW-4-U Windows Glowpaper :iconarrow-4-u:ArRoW-4-U 6 3 Skin Material by ArRoW-4-U Skin Material :iconarrow-4-u:ArRoW-4-U 2 5 New horsepower by ArRoW-4-U New horsepower :iconarrow-4-u:ArRoW-4-U 4 9 SSB Wii U Bowser pack by ArRoW-4-U SSB Wii U Bowser pack :iconarrow-4-u:ArRoW-4-U 21 0 When you didn't complete your exercises... by ArRoW-4-U When you didn't complete your exercises... :iconarrow-4-u:ArRoW-4-U 8 6 N64 ambinent wallpapers by ArRoW-4-U N64 ambinent wallpapers :iconarrow-4-u:ArRoW-4-U 4 0 Some i486 models by ArRoW-4-U Some i486 models :iconarrow-4-u:ArRoW-4-U 5 1 You won't survive this... by ArRoW-4-U You won't survive this... :iconarrow-4-u:ArRoW-4-U 25 6 Don't do this... by ArRoW-4-U Don't do this... :iconarrow-4-u:ArRoW-4-U 2 0 Impa HDR test render by ArRoW-4-U Impa HDR test render :iconarrow-4-u:ArRoW-4-U 12 3 The Wolverine figure Photoshoot by ArRoW-4-U The Wolverine figure Photoshoot :iconarrow-4-u:ArRoW-4-U 7 2 ELAC CL82 SH Edition Product Shot by ArRoW-4-U ELAC CL82 SH Edition Product Shot :iconarrow-4-u:ArRoW-4-U 4 5 Someone get hurt tonight by ArRoW-4-U Someone get hurt tonight :iconarrow-4-u:ArRoW-4-U 33 9 Some random crap... by ArRoW-4-U Some random crap... :iconarrow-4-u:ArRoW-4-U 17 12 REKT Wallpaper by ArRoW-4-U REKT Wallpaper :iconarrow-4-u:ArRoW-4-U 15 6


ArRoW-4-U's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Welcome everyone on my page!

I'm a german hobbyist who is interested in creating Arts. I like to photograph, creating Wallpapers and my most hobby is creating renders from video game characters and objects.

I'm not a professional Artist just doing this all for fun.

Here's the tools that I use to creating arts:

XNA Lara stamp by angelic-noir
- XNALara 11.8
KeyShot Stamp by ArRoW-4-U
- KeyShot 6
Made with Paint.NET by rodrigoDSCT
- Paint.NET (4.3)
Photoshop Stamp by mushir
- Adobe Photoshop CS6

Current rendering PC systems:

Private: Intel Core i7 7700K, 16GB G.Skill DDR4, Windows 10 pro 64-bit

I also started to collecting Nintendo GameBoy over the years in all variations cuz they're awesome.
I hope you'll enjoy my art and greet you here on my channel warmly!


Lumberjack Logan
finally something to test my new system and settings. I finished my new PC built featuring an intel core i7 7700K as main power for pushing KeyShot to an other diemension. Render was twice as fast done in comparison with my stone age PC I had used before...

workflow: XPS11 -> KeyShot 6 -> PSCS6

Credits: Logan (barfight) by ArmachamCorp recolor done by me

Fan Art only!
Windows Glowpaper
Just some random rendering in KeyShot but then I decided to make a wallpaperout of it in Photoshop. I mean it's been a while since I made my last wallpaper to put it up here. :P

Use it as your desktop or phone background.
Skin Material
Well after few months testing and such I finally finished my new skin material to use in KeyShot 6 :3

I guess the seam lines are not part of the shader but photoshop can fix it xD
New horsepower
Well it's finally time to say goodbye to my old 2009' PC since everyday working with this thing is a pain. I still have to save some money to buy the rest like motherboard, ram etc. It's also one of the reasons why I lost interest to make new 3D arts for here...

current pc specs:

Asus P5KC
Core 2 Quad Q8200 2,33Ghz (OC 2,95Ghz) - I tried 3Ghz and above but sadly RAM becomes unstable with that high FSB
4GB DDR2 667
ATI Radeon HD3850
1TB WD Blue
Win 7 pro.

seems pretty outdated... 3D applications run like... well like shit but I don't even wonder anymore xD 

Does anybody know a good motherboard for my new baby up there? I don't want this fancy "gaming label trash" just a decent motherboard for a good price. By speaking of costs... Why in the world are the prices for DDR4 so damn high? last year I could get 16GB DDR4 2400 for like 90$ and now it's reaching up to 150$ and above.. WTF!?
SSB Wii U Bowser pack
Something I was working on recently. I took the ported model from :iconjetsetradioremixsega: and fixed the most of it. It still has a ton of additional items (such as different face expressions - eyelids etc) but the texture and mesh issues got fixed and render groups had been set correctly.

This guy got some high-def mini-bumps for a improved look.
He comes with all 7 additional colors including preview pic for the XPS folder.

Make sure you use the latest version of XPS! (11.8) you can get the latest version here -> :iconxnalaraitalia:


Model ported by: :iconjetsetradioremixsega:
fixed by: :iconarrow-4-u:

Bowser -> Nintendo - for fan art only!



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You are welcome ^^
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